Audio Technica ATH M50X – The Studio Monitors You Must Get

For musicians, studios and a large number of other folks involved in the music and recording industry, M50X is the defacto equipment. No recording studio is complete without one of these headsets. But, what about the general public?

Priced conveniently around the $200 mark, an Audio Technica ATH M50x isn’t even as expensive as Bose or Shure headsets. Neither does it come cheaper than some Sony products but then why should you even consider getting one of these things? Well, for starters, music is composed in studios using such reference monitors.

A studio monitor or reference monitor is any headset that is designed to work in a studio environment. This means that none of the frequencies are boosted. Everything is set to default and the sound produced by such monitors is often natural without any post or pre-processing.

Thomas from says, “Consider a Beats or Sony headset. Ever wondered why they tend to sound more punchier in the bass segment specifically? That is because the signal processing naturally amplifies those frequency ranges further. This however isn’t how sound was recorded in a studio.”

The Audio Technica ATH M50x does not boost the bass or the treble. It replays any signal just the way it was recorded. Basically, you hear what the producer intended to record. Yet another reason why this headset is preferred among DJs, sound artists and mixers too. If you can hear the actual recorded music with complete clarity, you can decide what to add or change in it.

Besides, the clarity of the M50x is another reason why it is so preferred.

Bill from contributed his stance and said, “Not only is the baseline flat and responsive in highs, lows and mids but also rather comfortable for elongated use. Possibly the only limitation of these cans is that the earpads are a bit too flimsy and you may need to invest into a more comfortable and padded set sooner than expected.”

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