Orban HiFi – A Step Towards Virtualized Surround Sound

Orban, a company known for its world class broadcasting technology has recently announced the launch of its latest offering –HiFi that targets smartphone users and gives them a chance to enjoy surround sound experience without investing into expensive pair of headsets, speakers and other peripherals. Surround sound experience that the public first got a taste of with Dolby Surround and now in smartphones with Dolby Atmos is still expensive and requires the right set of hardware as well as components to replicate. Orban is currently offering the Orban HiFi, an…

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The Gaems Vanguard – A Revolution In Gaming Monitors?

Gaming Monitor

The Gaems Vanguard is a portable display solution for if you want to take your console on a road trip, on vacation or even in a hotel and you need a monitor to connect your gaming console to. The carrying case and the monitor are quite heavy to lug around and somewhat of an inconvenience, but if you don’t want to miss your play time while you’re out on the road, then you just have to bear it and grin. Another negative aspect of this system is the hefty tag…

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Audio Technica ATH M50X – The Studio Monitors You Must Get

For musicians, studios and a large number of other folks involved in the music and recording industry, M50X is the defacto equipment. No recording studio is complete without one of these headsets. But, what about the general public? Priced conveniently around the $200 mark, an Audio Technica ATH M50x isn’t even as expensive as Bose or Shure headsets. Neither does it come cheaper than some Sony products but then why should you even consider getting one of these things? Well, for starters, music is composed in studios using such reference…

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