The Gaems Vanguard – A Revolution In Gaming Monitors?

Gaming Monitor

The Gaems Vanguard is a portable display solution for if you want to take your console on a road trip, on vacation or even in a hotel and you need a monitor to connect your gaming console to. The carrying case and the monitor are quite heavy to lug around and somewhat of an inconvenience, but if you don’t want to miss your play time while you’re out on the road, then you just have to bear it and grin.

Another negative aspect of this system is the hefty tag price, which at $350 could get you a pretty decent gaming monitor at home. But then again, portability and necessity is one of the selling points of this gaming peripheral device. The carrying case comes with a 19-inch built-in monitor and also has built-in speakers.

The case serves its purpose well, with its hard plastic backing, it will protect your console and games while travelling, and comes in handy should you decide to play while on a pit stop. It could be described like somewhat of an oversized briefcase with padding inside and out.  And because you have to carry the bag with the console and all the cables and controllers, the whole package comes in at a whopping 18.5 pounds, a bit on the heavy side if you’re travelling quite far. When paired with the aoc g2460pf in a static environment, it truly becomes its own.


  • Dependable monitor
  • Sturdy case
  • Travel-friendly


  • Very expensive
  • Subpar speakers
  • Extremely heavy

You could comfortably fit an XBOX One, or an XBOX 360, or a PS4 for that matter, and secure the Velcro straps around the console to keep it from moving while in transit. It may seem like an unsafe practice to carry around a heavy console supported by a couple of Velcro straps, but the straps do what they’re intended to do. The one thing every gamer appreciates about this setup is the naive 1080p HD quality of the monitor display. Playing on this rig will make you think you’re playing at home because of the excellent quality gaming immersion it affords you.

Since it is designed for portability, there isn’t much in the way of connectivity-there are only two input connectors-one for the power supply and one for the HDMI output. There is not even a place to plug in your console for power, you have to do that through an electrical outlet. The display could also be used as an output device for Chromecast or even a PC gaming rig.

The Gaems Vanguard has pretty decent performance gaming-wise. The graphics are crisp and clear. One thing to note here, though, the monitor defaults to 720P instead of 1080P. In terms of console gaming, that doesn’t make a lot of difference-not a deal breaker, so to speak. The sound is relatively average considering how small the package is-it’s hard to squeeze in a decent set of speakers in such tight quarters.

The monitor could also be used to watch regular television program or even Cable TV, and the output is generally acceptable. You have to make manual adjustments as the default is set to gaming mode, which is rather too saturated in colour. This can be corrected by changing the settings using the menu buttons on the lower bottom portion of the monitor , which are rather intuitive, although a dedicated Back button would make navigation a lot more convenient.

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