Social Media Tips For Radio Station Aspirants

If you want to be successful in the media business today, you need to know how to leverage the social media to your advantage. This holds good even for Radio Stations. Here are some of the best practices from around the Radio industry.

Data Matters

Find out who shared your post, how many people were reached, those who commented, liked and shared your posts. Check for maximum usage times and monitor these regularly. Create weekly reports and analyse the data to understand how to target better.

Network Effect

Always engage with the audience. The more you interact, the more people tend to come onto your accounts. This is the key to increasing social media reach. In one survey, an average user on Facebook has around 300 plus friends. If you can leverage half of the friend list of every single user currently subscribed to your channel, you can easily grow your listener base by hundred percent.

Not A Popularity Contest

Likes will not solely improve your social media reach. If you really want engagement then you need people sharing and commenting on your content. Basically, concentrate more on creating content that will be shared naturally.

Target Women More Often

We are not being sexist but simply revealing what studies have shown use. Majority users of social networking sites are women. They tend to spend 30% more time online compared to men and are also responsible for over 85% of brand purchases.

Have A Unique Personality

You can use livestreaming to showcase some of your popular creations. Facebook, Instagram and many other social platforms now let you livestream your creations in excellent quality. This will help increase fan following and better post exposure too.

Work With Emojis

Emojis personalize your message and improve engagement. Instagram and Facebook in particular tend to drive greater traffic if you can learn the art of using emojis.

Create An Ecosystem

Don’t just look towards Facebook but try and leverage several social media channels. This helps create your own community for better engagement.

And finally, it isn’t just you or your radio station that should post on social media but also everyone working in your radio station. More voices on social media equals greater reach and brand recognition. Besides, it helps humanize an organization. This does not mean you only use your interns to post stuff though. Personalities on air work much better.

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