Voice Controlled Hybrid Radio Launched By Radioplayer

Radioplayer Car offers IP, Dab and FM in one single unit and is aimed at car owners. This aftermarket device can be installed in any car and it affixes to the dashboard. The non-profit collaboration between commercial radio and BBC owns Radioplayer and its latest offering is the connected car radio.

This radio operates using voice commands and can quickly change channels using voice commands. Simply speak the intended station’s name to get it running on the aftermarket device. The Radioplayer unit is configured to understand several radio station names and depending on the user’s location, it will show results.

According to latest press releases, Radioplayer Car will listen to driver commands but switch platforms seamlessly to provide them the intended radio station. This allows drivers to not worry about the platform the channel is on. It can switch between DAB or FM immediately and as you move out of coverage area, it can switch back to wireless streaming.

This is possible in the UK because nearly 80% of all new cars have DAB pre-installed. However, the current crop of vehicles on the road, do not all have DAB. Radioplayer Car is an aftermarket add-on that enables older vehicles with radio streaming capabilities.

It is a tiny box that fits underneath the dashboard and links to the audio system of the vehicle. It also connects to your smartphone that you can place in a car mount. Additionally, it comes with its own pair of antennas for DAB radio, which is usually mounted on the roof of the vehicle or a window. Finally, your smartphone has a free app that recognizes your voice commands. This is the brain of the device as it does all the extrapolation of data to find the correct station and automatically switch between FM and DAB.

Radioplayer Car is a wonderful device that offers the best of all worlds. With several free raedio stations and channels, it provides ample selections to users without burdening older generation vehicles with upgrade costs.

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