New Programming Formats For Radio

Did you hear of the recent analog switch-off in Norway? The proponents of this move say that FM is nearly ten times as expensive as DAB broadcasting while AM is even more expensive because of the electricity costs associated with the two. Digital radio is gradually becoming the defacto in several countries and with it many new formats have come into existence that you would otherwise never hear online.

Here are a few unheard of entrants that you may not be aware of.

Coles Radio

This is a radio station owned by a supermarket chain in Australia. It uses DAB+ broadcasting and the programming is in sync with demographics of shoppers. It plays music based on the majority of shoppers at any time. Their focus is mainly on store offers. Recently, it has managed to land on the number one spot for digital stations in several areas. It is currently being operated by the radio company, NOVA Entertainment in Australia.

Kinderling & Fun Kids

Radio stations exclusively for kids is a brand new idea. These stations target mostly pre-schoolers. Fun Kids in the UK is targeted towards kids between 6 and 12 years of age. These stations do not broadcast a lot of advertising but when they do, it is mostly for the parents. Fun Kids even includes a paid subscription that provides educational programs. It is currently being produced by Folder Media. Kinderling in Australia has a similar offering.

Weather 24/7

This radio station is completely automated and it offers users weather forecasting using pre-recorded phrases. Users can get a quick idea of the weather in the area they are driving through. It currently operates in UK where weather naturally is a major part of any discussion.

News Radio UK

This radio news service is actually a rolling kind of news network with ten minute shows. It provides several programs on travel, news and more. It is mostly automated.

Buddha Radio, Koffee and Chill

Buddha Radio operates in Australia and so does Koffee. Chill operates in the UK and all these stations are known for their chilled out music tracks. Advertising on these services is limited as their goal is to relax the listeners. Lesser distractions through advertising naturally ensures more relaxation.

News Talk Sports

Owned by Macquarie Media and operated in Australia, this news channel provides collections. They offer a syndication kind of service, collecting together bulletins together.

Union JACK

A national service available only in the UK, it plays British music with emphasis on British. They use LDR technology that allows listeners to decide what song they want to hear. It is available online as well as on DAB+

Share Radio

This talk station shares ideas on money. Naturally they speak on savings, finances, investments and technology. Originally focused on London through DAB, it now caters to the whole of UK. It is a completely independent radio station that is owned by a single individual.

ABC Extra

An Australian radio station that is free and has its own special programming. It offers programming for Chinese, Indian and indigenous listeners as well as a women only station.


This is a speech station that is high on quality and intelligence. Online you can receive its broadcast as a live stream and produced by the Monocle magazine, it offers rather high quality.

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