Orban HiFi – A Step Towards Virtualized Surround Sound

Orban, a company known for its world class broadcasting technology has recently announced the launch of its latest offering –HiFi that targets smartphone users and gives them a chance to enjoy surround sound experience without investing into expensive pair of headsets, speakers and other peripherals.

Surround sound experience that the public first got a taste of with Dolby Surround and now in smartphones with Dolby Atmos is still expensive and requires the right set of hardware as well as components to replicate.

Orban is currently offering the Orban HiFi, an app that installs on any smartphone and provides 3D audio experience through wired and Bluetooth headsets too.

This app will make use of Xpotential and holographic imaging algorithms from Orban to produce a sound field that embeds artificial ambience as well as some extra encoding. It will recreate any sound in a 5.1 surround experience.

Not only can this technology work seamlessly with smartphones but also on automobile devices and applications.

Orban plans to showcase its latest offering at the upcoming NAB Show that will be held in Las Vegas from 24th April 2017.

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